AITC 2022 - Mapping the Arctic

Arctic DTU is having a conference in Nuuk, Greenland focusing on the need for precision navigation mapping, monitoring and new technologies in its inspiring new ways of cooperation between the world of science, authorities and industry in connection to climate change and the geopolitical situation in the Arctic.   

Internationally recognized key-note speakers from different scientific backgrounds are included in the programme.  

There will be workshops which provide a chance to go deeper into the topics of the conference and the key-note speakers are highly encouraged to engage themselves in the workshops as well. The purpose of the workshops is to gather interdisciplinary researchers to formulate the future mapping activities, and preferably to form consortia for the next project co-operations and responds to international calls.

We encourage researchers, professionals, policy-makers and business people to join the conference.

If you have any questions, please contact Ingrid Vernimmen by e-mail:

Link for sign up coming soon


man 25 apr 22 10:00 -
tor 28 apr 22 15:00


Arctic DTU



KATUAQ - Greenlandic National Cultural Center, Nuuk, Greenland