Ph.d.-forsvar ved Barbora Krejčiříková

Barbora Krejčiříková forsvarer sin ph.d.-afhandling "Sewage Sludge Ash used as Supplementary Cementitious Material in Mortar and its Effects on Hygrothermal Parameters and Indoor Environment Quality in Buildings"

Forsvaret finder sted på DTU mandag den 2. december 2020 klokken 13:00.

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Kort resumé: 

The Ph.D. study investigated partial replacement of cement by sewage sludge ash (SSA) in mortar. Its focus was directed on SSA’s effect on hygrothermal properties of mortar and the impact of mortar on the indoor air quality. An overall scope of the study was to examine how mortars of different composition interact with the indoor climate. Two sewage sludge ashes, used as cement substitute, originated from two different waste water treatment plants located in Avedøre and Lynetten in the Greater Copenhagen area, Denmark. Additionally, two different ash pre-treatment methods were applied, specifically: water washing and grinding. The selected ash parameters were compared with cement with respect to chemical composition, grain size distribution, morphology and their hygroscopic properties. Standard cement-based mortar was compared with cement-ash-based mortar taking into account the following material parameters: density, porosity, sorption ability, capillary suction, permeability, thermal conductivity and compressive strength. Another perspective was to study the impact of cement-based and cement-ash-based mortar on odor intensity, the effect of increasing the exposition area, and their interaction with typical sources of indoor air pollutants such as carpet and linoleum.


ons 02 dec 20
13:00 - 17:00


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