Ph.d.-forsvar ved Bruna Silva Nabuco

Bruna Silva Nabuco forsvarer sin ph.d.-afhandling "Actual Stress and Fatigue in Wave Loaded Structures"

Forsvaret finder sted på DTU mandag den 25. februar 2021 klokken 09:00.

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Kort resumé: 

Offshore structures, such as offshore oil platforms and wind turbines, are continually experiencing environmental conditions that reduce the strength and increase the risk of failure. Cyclic loadings, mainly generated by the waves, can cause damage to the structure due to fatigue. There is a high demand for better evaluating the operational lifetime of these structures to preserve the structural integrity of existing platforms and to be aligned with the energy growth from renewable sources exposed to an offshore environment. Current fatigue models associate the lifetime with many uncertainties due to the unpredictability of the loads. In contrast, the methodology covered in this thesis is based only on the responses of the structure through the implementation of a monitoring system. The fatigue damage is essentially dependent on the stress variations, which are estimated based on the measurements, reaching values very close to the actual stress values. This thesis presents research on the impact of this methodology on the fatigue life of offshore structures, indicating that they can operate for a longer time than the predicted during the design phase. A more realistic and accurate fatigue assessment can lead to better decisions regarding inspections and maintenance. 


tor 25 feb 21
9:00 - 12:00


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