Main topics covered at the Department of Civil Engineering

The sections at Department of Civil Engineering have defined a number of research topics (main research fields). The goal is to have each topic explored by department projects as well as PhD projects.

Loads and safety, Construction design, Construction analysis, Construction dynamics, Constructions in the Arctic

Section for Design and Processes

Building and construction design, Building and construction technique, BIM and digitalization, Building proccesses and implementation, Building fire technology, Arctic building technology

Geotechnics, Geology, Geophysics, Pavement technology, Rock mechanics, Permafrost and foundations in the Arctic

Section for Energy and Services

Building energy, Building installation, Solar energy and buildings, District heating systems, Smart Cities, Building energy and installations in the Arctic

Section for Indoor Environment

Air quality, Air currents and ventilation, Thermal comfort, Acoustics, Light, Indoor environment in the Arctic

Material properties and optimization, Characterization and modelling, Building physics and moisture, Construction materials in Arctic context, Deterioration and repair, Reuse and upgrading

ICIEE, International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy

Indoor environment and its impact on human comfort, health and performance, Ventilation and air conditioning, Hospital ventilation, Aircraft cabin environment, Thermal comfort