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Co-founder Kasper Guldager, Home.Earth, Science Manager Pernille Berg, Blox, and Professor Morten Birkved, University of Southern Denmark, discussed the circular economy concept, its opportunities and challenges, and what it takes to accelerate sustainability in construction. (Photo: Maja Skovgaard)
20 SEP

297 presentations of the latest knowledge on sustainable, healthy and sustainable...

At the end of August, DTU gathered 365 researchers and professionals from 45 countries for the International Building Physics Conference 2021 to share knowledge on how...

Life cycle analysis CO2 separation and CO2 storage Climate adaptation Construction materials Building design Building construction Indoor climate Energy efficiency Energy systems Solar energy
En række forsøg og erfaringer med at sænke temperaturerne i danske fjernvarmesystemer indgår som en central del af grundlaget for en ny international håndbog om lavtemperaturfjernvarme. Bogens forside viser et foto af fremløbs- og returtemperaturer i Marstal Fjernvarmeværk, som får over halvdelen af sin energi fra et solvarmeanlæg. (Illustration: Maryna Miliushchanka. Foto: Sven Werner).
17 SEP

Low-temperature district heating can save over EUR 14 billion in Europe annually

Researchers at DTU have participated in the preparation of a new international guidebook on how best to lower temperatures in district heating systems. The authors of the...

Energy efficiency Energy production Energy systems Fossil fuels Power stations Solar energy Building design Indoor climate
IBPC 2021 will take place in DTU's most beautiful auditorium, building 116, which has gone through an extensive renovation with focus on indoor environment, light and acoustics to support a modern learning environment. Photo: KONTRAFRAME
21 MAY

The world's largest building physics conference is coming to Denmark

Technical University of Denmark will host the International Building Physics Conference 25-27 August 2021. The conference takes place both on-site and online and is a...

Energy production Energy systems Solar energy Construction materials Building design Building construction Indoor climate CO2 separation and CO2 storage Climate adaptation
DTU students’ solar energy house Aurora to be built in China
21 JAN

DTU students’ solar energy house to be built in China

The world’s largest student competition, Solar Decathlon, has selected DTU students’ project to participate in the competition for the most energy-efficient and well...

Building design Solar energy Innovation and product development
28 SEP

New solution for reducing CO2 from data centres and server rooms

Researchers at DTU will work with industrial companies to develop a new cooling and storage system for data centres and server rooms, which will be managed through artificial...

Energy Information technology Mathematics
Gerald Englmair PhD at DTU Civil Engineering has documented that salt batteries can cover up to 71 percent of the heat demand in an energy-efficient three-person house in Danish climate. Photo: Joachim Rode.
24 JAN

Energy for future heating systems can be stored in salt

Solar thermal collectors, combined with the storage of energy in salt batteries, can cover 71 percent of the heating demand in houses.

Energy Electricity supply Energy storage Energy production Solar energy Wind energy
Photo: Büro Jantzen
27 DEC

Denmark at global front within solar heating

Denmark is a world leader within solar heating, and foreign experts travel to DTU to conduct research and test new technologies.

Energy Solar energy Energy production
Photo: Vestas
06 JUN

Temperature fluctuations in homes can be utilized in green transition

Flexible temperatures between 20-24 degrees Celsius in dwellings can reduce heat consumption and boost utilization of renewable energy.

Energy Energy production Energy systems Energy efficiency Energy storage
Photo: Shutterstock
02 NOV

DTU boosts solar energy activities

DTU has launched Solar DTU as a point of access to the University’s research and consultancy in solar energy. Concurrently, DTU is preparing a new study programme that...

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