Inaugural lecture by Professor Carl Egede Bøggild

Monday 02 Sep 13

Mr. Carl Egede Bøggild has been appointed Professor (with special responsibilities) at Arctic Technology Centre/ Department of Civil Engineering (DTU BYG) and holds his inaugural lecture on "Snow, ice and phase change" on Friday 20 September 15.00

Why is phase change such an important issue in the Arctic? Because water in the ”wrong phase” can cause problems in relation to living in the Arctic and in relation to climate and climate change. 

During the lecture a presentation of the scientific challenges are given on the interaction between snow/ice and climate. And, the scientific challenges are discussed in light of finding solutions to quantify the way that the Greenland ice sheet is melting at present. 

This work was first motivated by the search for large hydropower potentials in Greenland, but has gained much relevance in connection with climate change and increased melting of the Greenland ice sheet. Especially process studies which links field observations and modeling studies has been in focus of his research. And, suggestions are given on the way that obtained results can be incorporated into climate models with the purpose of improving the prediction for the loss of Arctic glaciers in a changing climate.  

Carl Egede Bøggild became head of the Arctic Technology Center (ARTEK) at Department of Civil Engineering on 1th of October 2012 coming from an international career in Arctic research and university teaching. 

The inaugural lecture will take place on Friday 20 September at 15:00 at DTU, building 101, room S01, Anker Engelundsvej, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby. After the lecture the Department will host a reception in the lounge. 

All are welcome.

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