Prof. Kristian Dahl Hertz leaning on his invention of the Super-Light Structure. Photo: Dansk Betonforening

Farewell lecture by Professor Kristian Dahl Hertz

Friday 25 Sep 20


Kristian Dahl Hertz
DTU Civil Engineering

Professor Kristian Dahl Hertz, DTU Byg, has at the age of 70 chosen to retire after 40 years of research and teaching in the design of building structures.

Kristian Dahl Hertz graduated as a civil engineer from DTU in 1976, and in 1980 he defended his PhD thesis on Fire Properties of Concrete Constructions, also at DTU. Since then, through 40 years, he has researched and taught in the design of building structures and has also obtained several patents and received a string of awards for his pioneering research.

10 years ago in 2010, Kristian's research culminated with the invention of the so-called ‘Super-Light structure’, which combines strong concrete with lightweight concrete to achieve a strong and light concrete deck at the same time.

Kristian Dahl Hertz continues at DTU Byg as professor emeritus, where he will be writing on a new textbook on the Design of Sustainable Light Concrete Structures, to which Realdania contributes with funds.

See Professor Kristian Dahl Hertz's farewell lecture here:

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