PhD defense by Nina Marie Sigvardsen

Nina Marie Sigvardsen will be defending her PhD research project "Utilisation of Wood Ash in Cement-Based Materials"

The defense will be at the Technical University of Denmark on December 14th, 2020 at 14:00.

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Short summary:  

The production of cement is responsible for 8-9% of the total anthropogenic CO2 emissions and in order to reduce the global carbon footprint, blended cement is produced, where parts of the clinker are replaced with other materials. The available amounts of ash originating from combustion of biomass is increasing as a result of the withdrawal of coal-fired power plants in and potentially these new types of biomass ashes could be used as a partial cement replacement for blended cement. This thesis focusses on the potential use of wood ash, originating from the combustion of wood and woody products, in cement-based materials.

The physicochemical characteristics of 12 different wood ashes have been determined and by the use of multivariate data analysis, the physicochemical characteristics have been linked to the production parameters at the power plants, and the wood ashes with the best potential as a partial cement replacement have been identified. Experimental work has been carried out to determine the reaction mechanisms of wood ash, pozzolanic or hydraulic, leading to suggestions on how to improve the multivariate data analysis when implemented to assess the possible use of wood ash in cement-based materials. Low-cement replacements of cement with wood ash supported the results obtained by the evaluation of the reaction mechanisms, confirming the hydraulic reactivity of the wood ashes.

The results from the experimental program showed the that utilisation of wood ash in cement-based materials has limitations.


Mon 14 Dec 20
14:00 - 18:00


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