Innovation and Research-based Consultancy

The mission and vision of DTU Civil Engineering supports the overall mission and vision of DTU and thus aims at developing and applying natural and technical science to the benefit of society – in particular the building sector. 

The department strives to integrate Innovation in all its activities including its core activities, teaching and research, while promoting patenting and supporting start-ups originating from its research activities. The Department encourages its researchers to engage in innovation and research-based public sector consultancy activities thus bringing the expertise of each individual in play. 

Innovation is integrated in research through research projects with a strong industrial participation, e.g. industrial PhD projects, innovation consortia, Advanced Technology Foundation and EU Framework projects.  

Development Areas

As a special instrument to enhance activities in the area of innovation and research-based public sector consultancy the department has defined three Development Areas.

The Development Areas focuse on the major challenges currently faced by society with sustainable development as the overall theme. The Development Areas are organized as interdisciplinary activities at the department aiming to enhance cross-disciplinary research and facilitate innovation and research-based public sector consultancy in key areas.This is done in cooperation with external stakeholders in the industry and public sector.

The Development Areas are dynamic activities founded on the organisational structure of the department  with a limited lifetime, typically 5-10 years. The Development Areas together with the Artek Center constitute a dedicated cross-disciplinary effort cutting across the sections of the department.

The Innovation Forum at the DTU Civil Engineering coordinates the management of the department and sections with the management of the Development Areas and Artek. Currently the following Development Areas are active:

In teaching, special courses as well as exam projects are often carried out in direct collaboration with industrial partners in the building sector. Furthermore the department is engaged in in-service training though its own master education in fire safety and through various providers.    

Public sector consultancy is carried out on contractual basis and trough participation of the Department’s researchers in committees for normative and pre-normative work.   

Company Start Ups

In recent years two companies have been started with research and IPR rom DTU Civil Engineering as a basis: DampTech A/S and Abeo A/S.

In-service Training

DTU Civil Engineering currently offers in-service training though its own Master Education Master in Fire Safety. Furthermore through courses offered by Dansk Konstruktions- og Betoninstitut (in Danish) and Byggecentrum (in Danish). 


Head of Department Niels-Jørgen Aagaard, responsible for research-based consultancy.

Vicedirector Henrik Stang, responsible for innovation and laboratories.

Public Sector Consultancy

Public Sector Consultancy covers all types of tasks that DTU carries out for numerous national and international authorities and institutions.

More information about Public Sector Consultancy at DTU.


Niels-Jørgen Aagaard
Head of Department
DTU Civil Engineering
+45 45 25 18 77


Henrik Stang
Professor, Constituent head of Section
DTU Civil Engineering
+45 45 25 17 35