Industrial Collaboration

DTU Civil Engineering has a strategic goal to expand its collaboration with external partneres within all of the operation fields of the department. We welcome ideas, requests for collaboration and questions.

Please contact the persons listed within the desired field.

Research and Innovation
DTU Civil Engineering conducts research and innovation in collaboration with the industry. The department places particular emphasis on collaboration on PhD projects.

Contact: Head of Department, Niels-Jørgen Aagaard.

Consultant and testing tasks
The experts and technical facilities of the department are available to companies on commercial terms through the project organization BYG•innovation.

Contact: Laboratory Manager, Kristian Riskær Povlsen.

Continuing education
DTU Civil Engineering offers the qualifying continuing education Master of Fire Safety. The department designs customized continuing education in cooperation with companies and training providers.

Contact: Head of Studies Anne Dederichs.

Business Network

The department operates a number of centers and networks in cooperation with companies and authorities:

The industry contributes to the education of the department through external lectureships, guest lecturers, offers for student projects and through internships.


IPU offers highly qualified process and product development, consultancy assistance, and collaboration with experts in the fields of key engineering and communication technologies.

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Scion DTU

Scion DTU helps innovative people and businesses realise their high-tech ideas - and commercialise them.

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PhD programme at DTU

The PhD is a learning process where you as a PhD student learn to conduct research by working closely with your academic supervisor. The supervisor and PhD student work together as a team in order to achieve the best results.

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