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About DTU Civil Engineering

The activities at DTU Civil Engineering are organised in six sections, three interdisciplinary centres and tre Development Areas. Three teams coordinate the resources of the department: The Secretariat, the IT Management and Test Facilities and Workshops.

Research and Innovation

The sections at DTU Civil Engineering have defined a number of research topics (main research fields). The goal is to have each topic explored by department projects as well as PhD projects.

The department has defined three development areas in order to enhance activities in the area of innovation and research-based public sector consultancy. The development areas focus on the major challenges currently faced by society with sustainable development as the overall theme.

The current development areas are:

Study programmes

DTU Civil Engineering contributes to the planning and management of the following educations:

Research Centres

Transverse coordination of projects across the Department and co-operation with partners outside DTU will take place in research and innovation centers. DTU Civil Engineering hosts the following Research and Innovation Centres:

Research Programmes

The PhD school at DTU Civil Engineering organizes the research education at the department and focuses especially on industrial collaboration in the form of industrial PhD and research school PhD projects. 

Learn more about the PhD school


DTU Civil Engineering has approximately 175 employees, including researchers, PhD students and technical/administrative personnel.  

The turnover is approximately 140 million DKK/year (2013) and is made up of DTU funding covering the education and independent research and external means from private funding, private companies, PhD projects, etc. The external funding constitutes more than 35% of the turnover.  

The maintenance organisation at DTU Civil Engineering consists of sections and teams with responsibility for the professional development, personnel, and resources. The education at the department, research, research-based consultancy and innovative activities are organised in projects, which often draw on resources across the line organisation.

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