DTU Civil Engineering PhD School

Organization of the PhD education
The PhD School has the purpose of ensuring a high and homogeneous quality of the PhD education as well as the associated administrative process across the department. In the following the organization of the PhD school is outlined with a description of responsibilities and roles of the different actors. The organization of the PhD School is illustrated below.

Download organisation diagram as PDF here.

The PhD School is headed by the director of the department. The management is supported by a management board comprised by the head of the PhD School, a PhD coordinator and one PhD School representative from each section. The responsibilities and tasks coordinator are distributed as follows:  

The head of the PhD School has the overall responsibility for the PhD School, including:

  • the daily and strategic management of the PhD School, including manning and controlling
  • assessment and acceptance of PhD study plans, progress reports, extensions and final approvals of dissertations
  • any formal interaction between the DTU Civil Engineering PhD School and the DTU management. 

The PhD School coordinator: 

  • has the responsibility for the daily contact to the PhD students with respect to potential problems related to their study. In the case where problems of a character threatening for their study should occur the PhD coordinator shall involve the head of the PhD School
  • organizes and undertakes activities aiming to improve the PhD study environment at DTU Byg across the different sections (Intervision and FIST)
  • organizes and calls for biannual meeting in the PhD school management
  • organizes and prepares the annual DTU Civil Engineering PhD Information Day
  • establishes and maintains a DTU Civil Engineering library on PhD dissertations
  • overall responsible for the development and maintenance of the home-page of the PhD school. 

The PhD School representatives:  

  • are responsible for the coordination and information between the PhD School and the PhD students and advisors in their sections
  • identifies potential candidates in their section for the annual DTU PhD Student Award and the Idella Foundation Award
  • ensures that the quality of study plans, progress report and applications in connection with extensions attain a uniform high standard and are sent to the head of the PhD school in due time
  • acts as meeting leaders at the PhD defences in their sections.  

The PhD supervisors:  

  • undertakes the daily supervision of the PhD students and furthermore forms a social fix point for the PhD students
  • ensures that relevant reports and applications are forwarded to the PhD coordinator in due time and in the correct format
  • undertakes the overall planning of the PhD study and the formalities of the PhD defence, hereunder the nomination and approval of co-supervisors, the nomination and approval of external referees and the reservation of the time of the PhD coordinator for the defence.
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