Sustainable Light Concrete Structures

It is necessary to consider CO2 emission from construction, if we want to build environmentally friendly. Sustainable light concrete structures reduce CO2 production compared with traditional concrete structures. In sustainable light concrete structures strong and light concrete co-operate in carrying loads. Examples are plane sandwich slabs or walls. In super-light structures as patented by DTU a strong concrete is placed in any curved shape, where the main forces are wanted to be, and the rest of the shape is filled out by a lighter material that stabilizes and protects the strong concrete from impact and fire and provides the final structure with advantages concerning acoustics, indoor climate etc. The first super-light structure: the SL-Deck, is now implemented in the first building, and it is about to be mass-produced. It offers wide elements with flexible shapes, long spans, fixed ends, possibilities of blade connections, point supports, and it has an extreme fire resistance, high acoustical insulation and damping. A spin-off company Abeo A/S is made for super-light structures.

The project can be found here.

More information about Abeo can be found here 


Kristian Dahl Hertz
DTU Civil Engineering