Hvis du har spørgsmål, er du velkommen til at kontakte Line Christiansen.
R-424  Bente Højlund Hyldegaard Electrochemical zone for degradation of chlorinated ethenes in aquifers  2019
R-416 Eleftherios Bourdakis Low temperature heating and high temperature cooling systems using Phase Change Materials   2019
R-418 Ida Maria Gieysztor Bertelsen Evaluation of fibres recycled fromfishing nets and methods forquantifying plastic shrinkage cracking  2019
R-419 Mads Holten Rasmussen Digital Infrasturcture and Building Information Modeling in the Design and Planning of Building Services   2019
R-414  Kyriaki Foteinaki Models for flexible building operation in the Nordhavn district energy system  2019
R-408 Baptiste Vandecrux Quantitative analysis of firn meltwater retention on the Greenland ice sheet  2019
R-404 Florian W. H. Smit  Integrated seismic geomorphological analysis of syn- and post-depositional fluid migration features in the Chalk Group of the Danish North Sea   2018
R-392  Rolff Ripke Leisted The Fire Performance of Steel-faced Insulation Panels with Stone Wool or Polymer Cores  2018
R-386  Tommy Riviere Odgaard Challenges when retrofitting multi-storey buildings with interior thermal insulation 2019 
R-409 Gerald Englmair  Combined short and long-term heat storage with sodium actetate trihydrate for solar combi-systems  2019
R-399 Tessa Kvist Hansen Hygrothermal performance of internal insulation in historic buildings 2019 
R-398 Mathilde Landgren Developing a Method for Integrated Sustainable Design (ISD) 2019
R-403  Tobias Orlander Temperature and poroelasticity of sedimentary rocks 2018
R-400 Celeste Burlina Aerodynamics of bridge cables with concave fillet  2018
R-396 Dorte Skaarup Østergaard  Heating of existing buildings by low-temperature district heating 2018
R-401  Henning Brüske  Structural Test Design with Value of Information 2018
R-393  Mouad Addassi  Transport in concrete with new CO2 reduced cements  2018
 R-394  Zhiyong Tian   Solar heating plants with flat plate collectors and parabolic trough collectors  2018
 R-365  Federico Bava  Modeling og solar collector fields for Solar heating plants in district heating systems  2017
 R-391 Chiara Latini  Numerical modelling of offshore foundations for jacket structures  2018
 R-390 Panagiota Gianniou  Energy demand models for buildings in a smart cities context  2018
 R-377 Annemette Kappel  Alternative Ashes in Concrete - New Technical and Aesthetical Performance  2018
 R-384 Jesper Harrild Sørensen  Design and Modeling of Structural Joints in Precast Concrete Structures  2018
 R-367 Niels Tredal Digitalization as Driver for Standardized Specification and Design Buildings - In Search of an Efficient Building Design Management Metodology 2017
 R-387 Soňa Tomaškovičová Coupled thermo-geophysical inversion for permafrost monitoring  2017
 R-383 Morten Andersen Herfelt Numerical Limit Analysis of Precast Concrete Structures 2017
R-376 Mariya Petrova Bivolarova  Control of Indoor Airflows for Reduction of Human Exposure to Aerosol Contaminants 2017 
R-380 Wan Chen  Electrochemical upgrading of different ashes for use in production of bricks 2017
R-372 Matilde Grøn Bjørneboe  Method for planning extensive energy renovation of detached single-Family houses 2017
R-370 Laurens van Gelderen In-Situ Burning of Crude Oil on Water 2017
R-369 Gunnlaug Cecilie Jensen Skarning  Roof Windows in low-energy Buildings - Analyses of demands and possibilities for future product development 2017
R-364 Asmus Skar Deterioration Models for Cement Bound Materials in Structural Design and Evaluation of Heavy Duty Pavements 2017
R-363 Ricardo Antonio Barbosa Influence of alkali-silica reaction on the physical, mechanical, and structural behaviour of reinforced concrete 2017
R-361 Benjamin Behrendt Possibilities and Limitations of Thermally Activated Building Systems 2016

Raimon Pares Viader

Upgrading and recovery of fertilizer value of ash from PYRONEER gasification 2016
R-356 Ongun Berk Kazanci Low temperature heating and high temperature cooling in buildings 2016
R-354 Jacob Paamand Waldbjørn Hybrid Simulation of Wind Turbine Blades 2016
R-355 Søren Andersen Can the interaction between occupant behaviour and the indoor environment in residences be influenced 2016
R-353 Lipeng Zhang Technical-environmental-economical evaluation of the implementation of a highly efficient district heating system in China 2016
R-350 Philip Skov Halding Construction and Design of Post-Tensioned Pearl-Chain Bridges using SL-Technology 2016
R-349 Konstantina Katika Rock Physics of Reservoir Rocks with Varying Pore Water Saturation and Pore Water Salinity 2016
R-348 Bjarke Laustsen Stabilitet af tynde skalkonstruktioner 2016
R-346 Xiaochen Yang Supply of domestic hot Water at comfortable temperatures by low-temperature district heating without risk of Legionella 2016
R-344 Mark Dannemand Compact seasonal PCM heat storage for solar heating systems 2016
R-343 Sebastian Andersen Reduction methods for real-time simulations in hybrid testing 2016
R-341 Mia Schou Møller Lund Durability of materials in pearl-chain bridges 2016
R-338 Dusan Licina  Human convective boundary layer and its impact on personal exposure 2015
R-334 Kevin Michael Smith  Development and Operation of Decentralized Ventilation for Indoor Climate and Energy Performance 2015
R-333 Jinzhe Nie Active indoor air cleaning and heat recovery technology for energy saving of building ventilation 2015 
R-332 Kamil Hodicky Analysis and development of advanced sandwich elements for sustainable buildings 2015
R-331 Jan Winkler Parallel monostrand stay cable fatigue 2014 
R-330 Tomas Mikeska Energy performance of ventilation, heating and cooling systems integrated in sandwich panel of high performance concrete 2015
R-329 Kristoffer Negendahl Consequence based design. An approach for integrating computational collaborative methods 2016
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R-324 Maria Harrestrup  Energy renovation of multi-storey buildings with heritage value  2015 
R-321  Mads Mønster Jensen A couple transport and chemical model for durability predictions of cement based materials  2014 
R-319 Rocco Custer Hierarchical modelling of flood risk for engineering decision analysis 2015 
R-317 (p) Thomas Fænø Mondrup Methods for implementing building information modelling and building performance simulation approaches 2014
R-313 Esther Rosenbrand Effect of temperature on sandstone permeability 2014
R-312 Rimante Andrasiunaite Cox Climate change and its impact on the operation and maintenance of buildings 2015
R-310 Ernest Ncha Mbia Assessment of dynamic flow, pressure and geomechanical behaviour of a CO2 storage complex 2014
R-306 Min Wu Using low temperature calorimetry and moisture fixation model to study the pore structure of cement based materials 2014 
R-304  Martin Kotol Energy use and indoor environment in new and existing dwellings in Arctic climates 2014
R-302 Gry Skibsted Matrix changes and side effects induced by electrokinetictreatment of porous and particulate materials 2014 
R-301 Annett Anders Real-time system support in the face of emerging natural hazard events 2014
R-299 Ahmed Awadalkarim Petrophysics of Paleogene sediments 2014 
R-297  Lies Vanhoutteghem Method for design of low-energy type houses based on simulations of indoor environment and energy use 2014 
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Søren Terkildsen Development of mechanical ventilation system with low energy consumption for renovation of buildings  2013
R-285 (p) Kenneth Kleissl  Cable aerodynamic control 2013
R-284 (p) Lárus Helgi Lárusson Development of flexible link slabs using ductile fiber reinforced concrete 2013
R-283 Hakan Ibrahim  Tol District heating in areas with low-energy housing  2015 
R-281 Martin Morelli Development of a method for holistic energy renovation 2013
R-276 Juan Manuel Garcia Paz Physicochemical and numerical modeling of electrokinetics in inhomogeneous matrices  2012 
R-274 Annemarie Poulsen Fire models and design fires  2012
R-273 Michael Joachim Andreassen Distortion mechanics of thin-walled structural elements  2013 
R-272  Ole Berard Building information modelling for managing design and construction 2012 
R-271 Rasmus Tofte Klinkvort  Centrifuge modelling of drained lateral pile - soil response 2012 
R-270 (p) Finn Larsen  Thermal/moisture related stresses and fracture behaviour in solid wood members during forced drying 2012 
R-269  Alessandro dalla Rosa  The development of a new district heating concept  2012 
R-268 Mariana Moreira Canut Pore structure in blended cement paste  2011 
R-267 David Appelfeld Performance modelling for product development of advanced window systems  2012
R-266 Alexander Michel Reinforcement corrosion: Numerical simulation and service life prediction 2012
R-265  Ragnhildur Gunnarsdottir  Wastewater treatment in Greenland  2012 
R-263 Jonas Sejersbøl Jacobsen Constitutive mixed mode behaviour of cracks in concrete 2012
R-260  Monika Frontczak  Human comfort and self-estimated performance in relation to indoor environmental parameters and building features  2011 
R-258 Emil Tang Engelund  Wood-water interactions 2011
R-257 Anders Stubbe Solgaard Corrosion of reinforcement bars in steel fibre reinforced concrete structures 2013 
R-256 Anne Iversen Development of a simple framework to evaluate daylight conditions in urban buildings in the early stages of design  2013 
R-254 Jacob Strømann Andersen Integrated energy design in master planning 2012 
R-247 Steffen Petersen  Simulation-based support for integrated design of new low-energy office buildings 2011
R-243 Petra Vladykova An energy efficient building for the arctic climate. Is a passive house a sensible solution for Greenland  2011
R-241 Dorthe Kragsig Mortensen  Demand controled ventilation for multifamily dwellings 2011 
R-240 Janne Dragsted  Solar heating in Greenland  2011
R-239  Zhecho Dimitrov Bolashnikov  Advanced methods for air distribution in occupied spaces for reduced risk from airborne diseases and improved air quality 2010
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R-232  Jan Skocek  Fracture propagation in cementitious materials  2011 
R-231  Einar Thór Ingólfsson  Pedestrian-induced lateral vibrations of footbridges  2011
R-228  André Küter  Management of reinforcement corrosion. A thermodynamic approach 2009 
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R-171  Jesper L. Asferg Modeling of concrete fracture applying the eXtended Finite Element Method 2007
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R-168  Morten Birk Sabroe Valkvist New engineering principles in atrium smoke management. New approach flow and spill plume model for wide openings  2007 
R-163 Lone Hedegaard Mortensen Hygrothermal microclimate on interior surfaces of the building envelope 2007
R-160  Alexander Thür Compact solar combisystem. High efficiency by minimizing temperatures 2007
R-158  Christian Thuesen Anvendelse af den rette viden. Et studie af byggeriets kulturelle organisering  2007 
R-156  Elsa Andersen Solar combi systems  2007 
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R-149  João Domingues Costa Rigid-plastic seismic design of reinforced concrete structures  2006 
R-148  Frank Ørbech Pedersen  A method for optimizing the performance of buildings  2006
R-146  Thomas Hansen Theory of plasticity for steel structures. Solutions for fillet welds, plate girders and thin plates  2006
R-139 Xu Xibin Test and theoretical research of prestressed concrete berthing piles 2005
R-136  Ane Mette Kjeldsen Consolidation behavior of cement-based systems. Influence of inter-particle forces 2007
R-128 Miriam Mølgaard Lykke Displacement of oil by waterflooding in fractured chalk 2005
R-124 Pernille Erland Jensen Application of microbial products to promote electrodialytic remediation of heavy-metal contaminated soil 2005
R-123 Thomas Ingemann-Nielsen  Geophysical techniques applied to permafrost investigations in Greenland  2005
R-117  Lars Zenke Hansen Unreinforced masonry walls. Transversial and axially loaded 2004
R-114 Rasmus Walter Cement based overlay for orthotropic steel bridge decks - A multi-scale modelling approach 2005
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R-083 Karsten Findsen Murede skivers styrke. Murværk påvirket til plane spændingstilstande 2004  
R-082 Bo Madsen Properties of plant fibre yarn polymer composites - An experimental study 2004  
R-075 Søren Knudsen Investigation and optimisation of heat storage tanks for low-flow SDHW systems 2004
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R-007 Karsten Duer Characterisation of advanced windows. Determination of thermal properties by measurements