PhD Course - Electrokinetics in Environmental and Civil Engineering

ZeroWaste Byg offers a 5 ECTS PhD course “Electrokinetics in Environmental and Civil Engineering” on May 1-5, 2017 at the Department of Civil Engineering, Technical University of Denmark.

Electrokinetics inclusive electromigration are powerful tools for removal and supply of matter into or out from porous materials. Electrokinetic transport processes are utilized in environmental engineering for contaminant removal or upgrading waste to resources. In civil engineering electrokinetics are used for repair and maintenance purposes. There are many basic research topics in common to the different electrokinetic techniques. This PhD course aims at developing a common basic foundation and with offset in this, discuss various innovative ideas where electrokinetics are used in solving different challenges related to porous and particulate materials.

Who can participate?
The organizers welcome Ph.D. students from both civil engineering and environmental engineering, for whom electrokinetic processes and techniques are a part of the research. The participants are expected to have basic knowledge on electrochemistry.

Evaluation and Diplomas

The PhD course approximates to a workload of 140 hours corresponding to 5 ECTS. The course cover the one week at DTU, preparatory reading given before the course, and completion of an individual assignment after the course. Notes will be provided by e-mail before the course. Diplomas will be issued based on active participation in the entire course.


man 01 maj 17 8:00 -
fre 05 maj 17



The Department of Civil Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, Building 118

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