Anchorage of the belt bridge. Photo: Mateusz Beyrowski

Photo competition 2018 winner

Thursday 22 Nov 18
by Line Reeh

Congratulations to DTU master student of Civil Engineering Mateusz Beyrowski. He is the winner of DTU Civil Engineering’s photo competition 2018 - with the best illustration of a subject within civil engineering .

The winner photo shows the anchorage of the main cables in The Great Belt Fixed link (Danish: Storebæltsforbindelsen). It was taken when Mateusz visited the bridge as part of IABSEs (International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering) 2018 Conference in Copenhagen, he explains:


“It was an amazing trip to see the bridge and it’s important items. As a DTU master student of Civil Engineering I was volunteering during the conference.”


The photo shows how the main cables are attached to the anchor blocks. The main cables are each 3079 metres long. Each of the bridge's two main cables has a diameter of 827 mm and consists of 18,648 parallel steel wires. In more detail, each cable consists of 37 strands which in turn are made up of 504 high tensile galvanized wires, which are 5.38 millimetres in diameter.  The wire material has an ultimate strength up to 1600 ‐ 1800 MPa.


Photo: Mateusz Beyrowski.

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