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Project family concept wins teaching award

Friday 08 Dec 17


Per Goltermann
DTU Civil Engineering
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Peter Munkebo Hussmann
Head of Educational Development
Office for Study Programmes and Student Affairs
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A team from DTU Civil Engineering has won the DTU Award for Developing Teaching and Learning 2017.

For the next year, the three-metre sculpture which comes with the award will stand at DTU Civil Engineering.

On Monday, 4 December, a teaching team from the department received the DTU Award for the Development of Teaching and Learning for their concept ‘Project families: How to improve learning in thesis works and increase impact on research’.

Philip Binning, Dean of Graduate Studies and International Affairs, presented the award. As well as the sculpture, the award also comes with a travel grant of EUR 3,300 (DKK 25,000).

This year, the Assessment Committee had decided to present the award for a teaching concept where students work in so-called ‘project families’, and in this way tackle the same theme from different perspectives. This generates not only improved student projects, but also better contributions to research.

Improves student learning
“We are thrilled that our ‘project family’ concept has been recognized in this way. In our experience, working in project families greatly enhances the students’ learning through a combination of experiments and theoretical work performed independently in their final projects and in cooperation with other students. They are thus able to contribute even more to DTU’s innovation and research, and are part of a research team which shifts the knowledge level from one semester to the next,” says Per Goltermann.

The teaching concept was developed after the number of project students at BEng, BSc, and MSc level at DTU Civil Engineering has grown to 300-400 a year.

Many of these students want to work on innovative projects, where they can contribute to the research and develop new solutions. This is very resource-intensive, but the new concept enables students to focus on different—but related—subsidiary issues, or attack the same problem from different angles.

Special effort

The DTU Award for the Development of Teaching and Learning is awarded to lecturers who have made a special effort to systematically initiate, investigate, document, and share experiences in developing their teaching and their students’ learning.

The award was established by DTU’s Executive Board in 2016. It honours an individual lecturer or a team of lecturers, and distinguishes itself from the Lecturers of the Year awards— which are presented by the Polyteknisk Forening (PF student union)—by recognizing a process while the lecturers of the year are recognized for their performance in the auditoriums. The award is presented annually at a DTU Teaching Seminar.

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